How can I change the number of segments in an entire object?

I understand that the number of segments can be changed for individually selected arcs and circles.
Is it possible to globally change this for a selected object/component? I’d like to smooth the segments/angles on the following object into more perfect circles.
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No, it is not really possible, however perhaps you can try this (I did not tested myself):

Dammitall. I had such high hopes. I downloaded and installed the extension/plugin. It appeared in my top menu. It opened a small dialog box that indicated the number of segments… 12… and I deleted that number and retyped 48. Clicked OK. Nothing changes. I highlighted a circle. Tried again. Nothing. I selected the entire object. Tried again. Nothing. I made the object a component. Selected it… tried again. Nothing.

Frustrating. Could someone kindly install this plugin and tell me how it is supposed to function?

Ok. How to approach this then? When drawing a model I find it much easier to work with a limited number of segments. It seems to be more straightforward when attempting to locate opposite sides of a circle, for instance, when bisecting it with a straight line. With larger numbers of segments, anticipating a nice smooth circle in your finished drawing, it’s really hard to select these points accurately. So what to do? I’m astonished that it is not possible to work in broader strokes like this and then realize smoother circles and arcs when the model is finished. What am I missing here?

If the circle around the speaker is still a circle, you should be able to select the outer edge and in Entity Info change the number of segments.

You could reply with a simple example model for us to try.

I tried that with the above model. The segments window in Entity info does not accept changes.
AutoSave_seas+7inch+woof.skp (3.1 MB)
This is the .skp

I only saw a screenshot. Could we see the model?

This indicates you aren’t thinking ahead to what you want or need out of the model. If you start with larger numbers of sides when drawing circles and arcs, you wouldn’t be in this situation. There should be no problem finding sides of the circles and bisecting them even with large numbers of segments.

Here is a screen shot of the dialog window for the arc plugin that I installed. It does not appear to do anything.

Here’s a screenshot of the “entity info”

The segments window is greyed and does not accept another number.

The original follow me looks like it exploded the circle, which stops you from increasing the segments.

I don’t see immediately an easier way than to remodel it, like Dave suggested.

At that point in the modeling you can’t change the number of segments.

So I’m basically screwed here if I want to render this more smoothly now? I need to start from the beginning and redraw the entire model?

Yes. Plan ahead for what you want to do with the model. It’s not rocket surgery.

I was trying other solutions, but didn’t find any that were much quicker. Your next speaker model is going to be better.

A moment ago, just opening a new model and starting fresh I was met with the prospect of setting a new default for the number of segments going forward so that I didn’t have to keep jigging with the entity info. I go to the web and discover …
Changing the default segments! - SketchUp / Pro - SketchUp Community

No, the default cannot be permanently changed. You can type in the desired number of segments before you start a circle or arc, which will set the default segment count for the rest of that session. But it will reset in the next session of sketchup.

How does one change the number of segments before starting a circle?
Changing the segments for the first circle does not affect subsequent circles.
I don’t need a plugin that will change the default in sketchup permanently. I’d be happy to get the suggestion above to work for the session I’m in.


It is one of your standard rants that you pull out each time you come out of hibernation, so we have long since stopped being pissed off.

Select the circle tool, without doing anything else, let go of the mouse and type in mid air, 48 and hit enter or return. Now start drawing your circle and it will have 48 segments and every circle after that will have 48 segments until you change it or start a new instance of sketchup where it will revert to the default 24.

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Got it. Rant over. Thank you for your patience:) I’m past my bedtime.