How do I change Segments of a circle?


HELP!!! Using v16.1. The ‘Segments’ selection is no longer showing up in Entity Info. I have a rather complex model and I need to increase the number of segments on quite a few objects, but I can’t figure out how to do this anymore. Already spent 90 minutes on Google searching to no end. Was this function removed or moved or is there a new way to think about it? Thanks in advance.

Circle not smooth because it is aproximated by line segments

If you have not modified the circle, it can be edited using the Entity Info window. If you have made changes to the geometry, then you can’t use Entity info, anymore.


Could you show at least a screenshot of part of your model where you want to change the number of segments, and the Entity Info window when that part is selected?


Yes, please see the attached image. You can see there are various items where I would like to increase the number of segments. As an experiment, however, I drew a simple circle and then selected it to show that the Segments option is not appearing in the Entity Info box.

I also just upgraded to v17 thinking maybe this was a bug, but same result.


Select just the circle’s ‘edges’ - you have also selected the circle’s face, so Entity Info shows a combo of entities…
With just a Circle or Arc selected it should shown more details and allow modifications…

The ‘curves’ associated with the 3d forms cannot have adjustments to their segmentation, and will need editing and remaking with the increased segmentation…

Also note that the 3d ‘blue-gray’ faces are reversed and need fixing…


My friend, that was it. Thank you for your help!


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