Change segments in 2023

In 2023 the Entity Info no longer has the number of segments in a circle. How to I change the number of segments in a circle in SketchUp Pro 2023?

That’s not what I see. Is it possible you aren’t selecting the circle?

It’s the same as it’s always been. You can type the number of segments after selecting the Circle tool and before drawing the circle.

Note that you cannot edit the number of sides if that circle is part of a 3D shape like a cylinder. But then you never could do that in previous versions, either.

I made an animation to show how I tried to change the segments. Please watch it here & tell me what I did wrong: .

Thank you.

Peter Enns

You select the face along with the circle. Look at my screenshot. You can see how Entity Info shows I’ve selected the circle. Yours doesn’t. This is the same as it’s always been.

This is in SketchUp 3.1:

By the way, it’s good practice to drag out the radii of circles on axis.

To complement on Dave’s post, you selected the circle perimeter as well as the inside face, that is the 24 segments (or edges) of the circle plus the circular face for a total; of 25 entities.

Since there is a face plus edges in that multiple selection, SketchUp cannot decide what to allow for modification.

If you select only one entity, you can do something with it.