Circle Segments


I have no problem increasing the number of segments for arcs, but cannot get circles to go beyond 24. Are circle segments limited to 24?

Hoary old questions

no, you can change circle segments beyond 24…
how are you trying to change them?

if you type ‘48s’ immediately after placing a circle, it will have 48 segments (and all subsequent circle drawn in the session will have 48 as well)

if you’re trying to change via the Entity Info panel, it can be finicky at times.

you might have to try changing it to 47 segments first then 48 segments afterwards.
i guess it’s a bug of sorts but it’s been that way for as long as i’ve been using the software.


I have tried selecting the circle command, entering 48 before and after selecting the circle centerpoint, and tried the same ways using ‘48s’. All attempts end \up with a 24 segement circle.


hmm. yeah, those should work but it’s hard to tell exactly where it’s going wrong. a return press prior to a mouse click can throw it all off.

what if you draw the circle then right click on it… choose Entity Info. then change the amount of segments there.
does that work for you?


Just pick the Circle tool and immediately type 48Enter.



Thanks, but I don’t see an option in Entity Info to change the number of segments.


Doesn’t work for me! I get 24 segments no matter what I enter!


really? that’s odd… select the circle itself (not the face) and you should see this in entity info: (if you’re on windows, it will look different but the option is still there)


At this point we need to know exactly how you’re entering number of sides, both in the Measurement box and in Entity Info. Please tell us step-by-step every action you take to enter number of sides.



Jeff - Got it! I was selecting the circle face and not the circle. When I select the circle I can change the segments.

Gully - I start by selecting the circle command, type in 48, and draw the circle. 24 segments regardless.

Thanks to both of you.


and hit enter, then draw your circle.


you have to hit enter after typing 48

well hey there box :wink:



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Duh on me. Thanks again all!


Perhaps the one thing that hasn’t been said here is that you must have an excellent reason to increase number of segments in circles and curves. If you start increasing segments based on a vague preference for smoother-looking curves, you’ll find that your models are massive and clunky and prone to having tiny missing faces that cause errors.

The smoother appearance of more segments turns out to be relatively minor once circles and curves are extruded and the resulting surfaces softened/smoothed–mostly you can’t even tell.

In general, new users tend to increase number of segments, while experienced users look for opportunities to decrease them.



Gully - Yes, I know. This was a special occasion where it had to smooth! - Phil


When creating architectural models for presentation, I try to keep segment count low, but I fully understand the need to increase them if you are preparing a model for 3D printing. A 100-sided unusable plastic mug will certainly look better than a 24-sided one.