How to change the number of segments in a circle after it is drawn

How can I change the number of segments in the red scroll? Preferably in all circles included in the roll.
It must be printed in a 3d printer, so it should be free from too many edges
Spoleholder.skp (280.5 KB)

Select the circle you want and type the number of sides (segments) you want in the Entity Info dialog. That works providing it is still a circle and has not been exploded.

Scale up a copy of that component by 100x, draw again the circles and arcs with the desired number of segments.
Spoleholder.skp (1.2 MB)

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…and also provided that no other geometry would be affected by a change in segment-count. For example, a circle that has been Push-Pulled into a cylinder cannot have its segment-count modified, despite still being recognized as an intact circle by SketchUp.

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This is a good example of why it is smart to think ahead to what you really need out of the model when creating it.

You don’t have to redraw the entire profile unless you want more segments in the arcs. You can get the profile out of the spool by intersecting a face. I created a copy of the component 1000x larger than the original to work on. I use 1000 instead of 100 so that I can use meters as millimeters.

Also, make sure you have the face orientation correct. Your spools show blue reversed faces which can be a problem for 3D printing. Painting the back faces red won’t fix it.

FWIW, I drew the large rectangle outside the component. After intersecting faces, I cut it to the clipboard, opened the spool component for editing, deleted the geometry and then pasted the large rectangle in place inside the component. This makes it easier to delete the bad geometry and prevents modifying the component until I’m ready to modify it.


Thank you for the answers, I’ll test the various suggestions.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.