Changing all circles from 24 segments to 48



I have made about 6 or 7 drawings/Parts that I was going to 3d Print but I did not know that 48 sided circles was better in this case. So i did not even think to change the default 24 segments to 48.
Is there a way of changing all the circles in the drawing to 48 segments? I just redrew on of the parts and it took me about 5 hours :frowning: I really don’t want to spent the next 4 days redrawing all the work i just produced.
Any help would be great thank you



Unfortunately there is no way to change them all at once and if they are part of the geometry not at all.
For some you can recreate the shape with higher segmentation and replace the old one. Use the curviloft plugin to bond the pieces back together.


Thanks for the reply. Its easy to change one circle to 48 segments for sure, that’s not the issue
the problem is there embedded in the drawings now and I have a lot of time in drawing. So if I where to have to redo it all it would be 3-4hours per drawing . Basically Ill have to redraw everything.



I will see if I can fine a Curviloft tool. That will help cut down the time over all thanks


try this open in Wire Frame and Copy All >> paste it into a new drawing…

rework that file by sub-grouping before doing localised repairs…

still a big job, but done this in the past and it saved me lots of hours…




Thank you sounds like a good plan!



A screenshot of your model might help us give you some tips for faster remodel.


Here is a picture of one of the pieces. Unfortunately all the holes are 24 segments and the arches are 12 they need to be 24 and the hole need to be 48.

I really appreciate all the input thank you!


And the Bottom


How many are there and are they all different?
Now that you have it all drawn out it would be about 10 minutes works to redraw the relevant bits.
You have all the profiles, it’s just a matter of marking the centers of the circles, deleting and replacing them.
Same with the arcs, redraw the corners, delete and replace.
If you have hundreds of them all different then it’s time consuming, but if some are components, flipped, rotated etc you may not need to replace too much.


I have 7 parts like this in total. I was just playing around with the wire frame that John suggested and it was going not too bad. Mostly I’m just as you said marking them all marking down my sizing and offsets deleting and re drawing. Some lessons just take the time! I’m new to Sketchup so it takes a bit longer than it should…

Thanks for your input



Sorry to clarify I have 7 different models but they are similar to this one.
The 8th model I repaired buy guide lines, deleting and redrawing but it took me 5 hours!
I finally just printed out a copy of it in a few views noted the sizing and offsets and redrew it. It was way quicker on that one only about 45mins in total. I’m sure someone with Skills could draw it much faster and repair it even faster than that but… The part that I showed here only took me about 45mins from start to finish its just that the sizing and locations are very important on these prototypes. Anyways its all a learning process I don’t mind the extra work. Practice Practice Practice.

Thanks again



Have a look at this for example, it’s what I mean about you already have the profiles etc… The circles, draw a line across, delete the rest and redraw with the correct segments.
You can quickly delete and replace just the bits you need to change without deleting or moving anything else.
You can replace all the curves without needing to know a single measurement.


Box is the boss! That’s exactly how you should do it! I imagined you would have a more complex model!
Don’t forget to delete the underside circles too(after you’ve drawn the helpers).



That’s awesome! I was totally doing it the hard way!
I had guide lines all over the place just for a few holes! lol
Thank you for the video clip it makes it very clear!

You guys are a huge help!



Not to hijack the thread but if you’re planning to 3D print the model in your screenshots, make sure you correct the face orientation. Some of the faces shown in your images are reversed.


Glad it helps. The bit i didn’t show was using an array with the rotate tool to replicate that three times around your model.
If you look at the bits that make up your model and how they can be repeated or inferred you can more than halve your work.


Dave R,

Thanks for the note I have only been using Sketch up for about a month now so I’m quite happy when people point stuff like that out!


I’m going to give it a go in about a hour here I’ll try that also I appreciate your help!




One if the big’s frustrations I have with fixing the holes is when I draw the line across delete both half’s, I go around to the other side to delete the other side also. When I draw the new circle input 48 draw it out, then check it and its back to 24 segments? The same thing was happening to me yesterday? I think if I could change anything about sketch up it would be that you could per set circle segments before starting a drawing :wink: