Circles made of lines HELP

Hey guys i have one siplme question. In sketchup circles are made of little lines. I just want to ask if there is way to set number of lines in one circle. Simply If is possible to make smoother circles. I put down screenshot where is clearly see how bad are circles in sketchup. Thank you !

You can dictate the number of sides when a circle is made by typing a number and the letter s, as in 48s. You can also adjust it later if the circle is still intact by going to the entity info window and editing the segments field.

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See this 2-1/2 minute training video …

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…and also only if the circle (or arc) does not have different faces connected to different edges. For example, the number of segments forming the circumference of a cylinder cannot be changed, but the number of segments of a 2D hole or 2D disc (such as a “proto-cylinder” before push-pulling it into 3D) can be changed.

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Thank you guys for your help !

I’m not sure if that training video mentions it in words, I only briefly watched without sound.

One good habit to get into is to always pull your circle out on an axis. (Video looks like they are always pulling on red axis) Also it’s a good idea to keep your number of segments divisible by 4, (some may say more, but 4 at minimum) In doing so, you can quickly move/snap to what would be tangent points along an axis.

I’m guessing your watch face circles were just pulled randomly when first placed, since the 3/6/9/12 don’t have points directly inline with them.

They look as though the midpoints of the edges of the ‘circle’ are approximately, perhaps even exactly, at the cardinal points.