How to add edges to circle?


Hi there
I’m new in the community and still realtively new to SketchUp but feel allright workign with it.
I have one question though:

I need a much more smooth circle than the one that comes when I just draw a circle. It has apparently a set number of edges and when you scale it up it becomes a rather edgy and not very smooth circle.

So I have been looking for a tool and or way to add more edges to the circle but can’t find such a possibility… How do I do?


Draw the circle. Then open the “Entity Info” box in the “Window” menu. This will display the number of segments in your circle. Click on the segments and change the number.


Sorry: Once you change the number, you have to click on the circle again.


There are a couple of ways.
One, select the circle tool and type in mid air 50s and hit enter, now draw a circle and it will have 50 segments.
Or draw your circle then immediately type 50s in mid air and hit enter…
or Change the number of segments in the entity info box.


Thanks…both of you :smile: