CIRCLE - 100 sides instead of 26 default

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Is posible to draw a circle always with 100 sides by default instead of the 26 preset? I don t know if its posible… thanks

On the toolbar, select the Circle tool. The cursor changes to a pencil with a circle, and the Measurements box indicates the default number of sides: 24 as shown in the figure.
image To change the number of sides, you can type a value e.g. 100, and hit Return key. (Do not try to move the cursor to the measurement box, just type.)
This value will keep until you change again or open a new session.
(So you have to do it once in your current session, but have to do it again if you closes and reopen a (new) drawing.)

Unless you need exactly 100 sides, you might find a multiple of 12 a better bet (sa, say, 96). It keeps endpoints coincident with the usual cardinal points.


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Ill need a “perfect” Surface. i draw them with 999 so its fine now. when importing from autocad it was really bad.

Many thanks Guys for the help


999 segments? Be aware that this not only affects the visible quality (so many segments still won’t make them true circles) but also:

  • File size and performance (especially if you have multiple circles or extrude them to curved surfaces).
  • Accuracy: SketchUp is not designed to work well with too small edges.

In case you hit these limits, you may want to reduce the number of segments.

Research about what minimum angle (~1-0.5°) of straight lines is distinguishable by human perception suggests that you don’t need more than 180-360 segments


This right here. I usually start at say 48 and 72 depending on the smoothness that I am after.

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When choosing a segment count I’d recommend to look at what angle you want between the vertices. 24 segments gives you a nice 15 degree angle, which 90 degrees, 45 degrees and 30 degrees are all evenly dividable by. This means edges going out at any of those angles will intersect the segmented circle on the exact spot they would also intersect a true circle.

Personally I mostly use 24, 48 or 96, and sometimes also 12, 8 or 6 depending on the context. 6 can be enough for pipes in an architectural model and 96 can be good for a circular building.


Just to be pedantic, the default number is actually 24.


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Ok guys. Thanks for advices.