Use [Ctrl] '+' or [Ctrl] '-' to change the number of segments ..... [Ctrl] '+' not working

I was going to suggest to @frascati (after @Box’s last post in the other tread) to look at the status bar down left for alternative suggestions. This is with the ‘Circle’ and any of the ‘Arc’ tools.
However, for me at least, on a chromebook the suggestion [Ctrl] ‘+’ to increase the number of segments does not work. Only = appears in the ‘Measurements’ field down right.
Anyone else having issues with this key combination.

p.s. working with latest SketchUp web free and in latest Chrome update:

Screenshot 2022-05-06 11.15.10

Thank you @Wo3Dan , this is being fixed at the moment. I will update this thread when the fix is deployed to production.


@Wo3Dan This is fixed and live in production! Please refresh the application and try it.


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