How to inc circle segments with Swedish keyboard

I understand that while drawing a circle (or arc) Ctrl- and Ctrl+ are supposed to change the number of segments. But on a Swedish keyboard the Ctrl+ combo doesn’t work. I think this is a bug…?

It’s probably a keyboard localization thing. You can enter the number of sides between selecting the Circle tool and Clicking to set its center.

which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates SketchUp 2017 Make but you’ve posted in SketchUp for Web which is different.

…or even after drawing a circle you can change the number of segments by typing the number you want followed by s and then enter. so 48s enter. will give you a 48 segment circle. This will change the specific circle, you can also change it within Entity info.

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Yes, I’m usually on Make 2017, but wanted to try Web free. So this question concerns Web free.

And yes, it’s a localization thing. Should be supported by SketchUp, in my opinion.

Will try the suggestions. Was unable to find it in Entity info before I posted the question.

If you are entering the number of sides before you start to draw the circle, the number will be shown in the Measurements box, not Entity Info.

What browser are you using? On Chrome, for example, Ctrl + and Ctrl - zoom the window in and out so the browser hijacks the keyboard shortcuts. I wouldn’t expect that to change the number of sides, then. In the desktop version, I would expect those keys to work as you are thinking they should.

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