Sketchup Arc Tool Not Working

One of my students is trying to use the 2 point arc tool. However, when she uses it she does not get an arc she gets a “V” and I can not figure out why this is happening. Arc with V Arc the correct way

Sounds like she may have type 2 which set the arc to two segments.
Select the tool again, type 12 and hit enter, then see if it draws an arc.

2 seg


Or if you are in the middle of using any of the arc tools, type “6s” (or any other number) to adjust the default number of segments until the next time you change it (the “s” is not necessary when you first switch back to a given arc tool, before clicking to start drawing anything, but once you have clicked somewhere, typing a number adjusts arc buldge ).

To modify the amount of segments in an already drawn arc, simply select the arc and go to Entity Info.

These same modifications apply to Circle and Polygon tools.

Your screenshot also highlights why there is a scale figure in many default templates. Your seven segment 2 point arc is over 110 meters long.
People tend to randomly model stuff and then wonder why it is huge.


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