Arc tool suddenly changed


I was trying to use the 2 point arc tool and suddenly it no longer creates an arc. It creates a triangular shape with the “bulge” being a single point instead of a curved line. Did I inadvertently change the function some how?


Sounds like it may be an issue with scale. I know that, in the past, when working on a very small area and trying to use the arc tool to round off a corner, I ended up with some weird geometry. Are you drawing a very small arc?


Nope. Spanning a 12’1" area


It sounds to me as if you changed the number of sides from the default 12 to 2. Pick the tool and immediately type 12. Hit Enter. try drawing a new arc.


THAT WAS IT!!! WOW! THANK YOU!!! Thought I was going crazy


This doesn’t mean you aren’t. :smiley: