The arc tool, something is going wrong with it

Hello everyone, I am new to sketchup, and the 2 arc tool is giving me problems. I try to make a normal 2 point arc, then right when I click to the other side and see what it looks like, this shows up.

That pops up when I try to do it one the corner, its just a line, and when I click away it goes away. Please help. Thanks


click and then the centre pops up next…

try stuff, you can always undo…


What do you mean? Where do I click.

click for first end >> click for second end >> move the centre bulge to where you want it…

also, if you leave the Instructor Window Open, it shows you the tool you are using…


I will show you what I try to do




That is step by step what I do, then at the end that weird line pops up. I want a normal bulge, this line pops up and I don’t know why. @john

Double click to set the second end of the arc when you get the magenta arc.

why are you right clicking?

Here’s the thing, when I try to do that, it automatically makes a dent in the box. I just want a line. See?

Let me show you, I’m trying to do what this guy is doing:

I was refering to this…


Yes @john! That is what I’m trying to do! Except when I do that, and release the left click, it just gives me that straight line you saw above!

What is the radius of the arc you’re trying to draw?

I will record what happens when I do that.

I usually double click when I’m happy, not sure you need to…

I suspect, like dave, your model is too small…


You were right @john, my model was too small. Thanks for your help.