Increase Curve Segments for smooth rounded look



I am needing to find out if there is a way to take a curve that has multiple segments, join them together as one curve and then perhaps increase the number of segments for a more rounded smooth look.

Please see below:
(I have taken my curve (14 Segments) and welded together, but cant seem to increase the number of segments and get the rounded smooth curve i am needing). Perhaps I am going about this in the completely wrong way, can anyone can help please?


Yes you are going about it the wrong way. What you have there is probably not a curve but a series of straight lines. It also looks as if it may not be in the same plane as the adjoining surfaces.

Ideally, you should start with a surface on which your curve will be drawn (even if you delete it later). You can then use the Arc tool to draw the curve. Draw it first and then type the number of sides you want it to have followed by “s” (as in the format “50s”). This will change the default to 50 sides.


There is a conceptual problem: You not only need to increase the number of segements of a curve entity, but also the number of its neighboring faces (create new faces) and how they are connected to their neighborhood. This is non-trivial.

Also a chain of edges could have been modified so that they possibly cannot form a valid arc anymore (equal-length segments, equal angles, planar). There are plugins that can weld edges into arcs and circles (if these conditions are met).

For interpolating surfaces and their boundaries, you can use the Artisan plugin.