Moving an offset edge to form a saucer-like edge?

Hello everyone. Could anyone please tell me how to take this circle and create a “saucer or dish like” edge around it? I made the circle, and created the offset, but for the life of me can’t remember how you are supposed to pull/move the outer edge or face to make the radius around the curve like a saucer or dish.

I tried selecting the edge and using the move tool or push pull, I also tried using the face selected and then moving… but I fail to grab just the edge and move it. Am I supposed to make the circle 3d first by extruding, and then selecting just the offset face?

thanks for any advice,


Hi Rick,

Knurled knob? :smiley:

Select the outside edge, get the Move tool and hold Alt while moving the edge up.

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Yeah… I remembered most of the hard stuff you showed me and thus… forgot to pay attention to the easy stuff. That’s right, the Alt button… I should have tried that. Thanks again!

I think the issue I had is usually people would just draw the outline and use follow me but since I don’t want inner edges, (since I may want to 3d print), I am to draw things as flat as much as possible since I don’t want inner faces or edges inside model.

Have a good day.

Rick, you could draw a profile shape and use Follow Me if you want. It’s one of those things that can be done several ways. If you did use follow Me, the edges of the circles would be exploded into the segments which will make cleanup later a little more tedious. That’s one of the reasons I used the method I did to create the bevel. Another reason is that I wanted a 45° bevel. I could have drawn that after a bit of layout but it’s easier to Move the rim up by the same distance as the offset.

You have a good day, too.

Your way is perfect. I just forgot about the Alt option. I need to pay more attention to the bottom of screen where you see the choices. It worked perfectly now.

I got pretty far and will pick it up again later.

What I accomplished so far is I created the top and bottom correct diameter with offset and made the edge correct. Then I copied it, then flipped it, and moved it up exactly to the length I need. Now the only thing I’m doing different from you, is that instead of creating all those guidelines from the center… It’s way easier for me to just create flat faces between the top and bottom, and then divide those rectangles so that when I’m ready, I can simply pull the vertexes of the pyramids up. Then I’ll radial array that.

Your was is probably better for speed but all of those crazy intersecting guidelines are too confusing for my brain.

But man, you totally helped me because i could not do this in any way without your help.

Happy to be able to help, Rick.