Offset from inner edges

Edit: I think I was having a brain fart and for some reason thought the offset tool could do something it couldn’t. See comments below:

I’m trying to create a decorative/architectural bump out/ridge on the metal framing of a glass roof.

Here’s the “real world” example I’m trying to recreate:

and here’s the model:

I figure the best way to do this is via the offset tool, but for some reason the tool is only acknowledging the outer most edges. You can see the the problem here:

I tried scaling the model up 100x and even restarting SketchUp, but the problem persists. Any suggestions?

I uploaded the face that I’m having the problem with to the 3D Warehouse:


Your model is not “grouped”

I may not have described what I’m trying to do very well. I’m not trying to make adjustments to the glass panes. I’m trying create the yellow and peach colored geometry throughout the entire top face across the whole model in a couple clicks as opposed to having to manually draw lines around each opening :

I don’t think grouping is related to the problem

I understand now, and I think you could use a plugin named “TruOffset” - it looks like it does exactly what you need .

and manual:

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Maybe I’m just having a brain fart, but I thought what I’m trying to do was within the ability of the native offset tool already.

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another way you could make top surface holes filled and then use offset tool, once you have spacing set a double click of the tool will repeat it. then offset edge, and group the center part.