Sequential off set Radiuses - IE: the inside and outside radiuses are different - how to

Hi, I am not sure how to simply articulate this, but here goes.

I am working with radii, and I wish to have offset a sequence of radii to the inside of the initial radius. Like a bulls eye. Obviously, as you move in the actual radii get smaller. Is there a way to do this simply?

How about using the Offset tool?

As with your previous question, if you share the SketchUp model file it would help us help you.

Thanks Dave, I was just getting the file ready to upload with a couple images for explanation.

raddi question.skp (206.8 KB)

I am trying to add those extra groups around the whole model.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using?

What is it you’re modeling?

Since you’ve made each of those sections as a separate group, you would need to open each one individually to get at the edges to use Offset. I guess if you need each of the inner pieces to be a separate group, to, you could copy the curve from the current group, paste it in place outside of the group, use Offset, connect the ends using the Line tool and then create a group from that geometry. In the case of single edges Offset won’t work so you can use Move/Copy instead.

Might be an easier way to do this depending on what it is you are trying to model and what you really need from it.

I’m using 2022.

I’ll do my best to explain. I do rammed earth construction, essentially, very intricate architectural concrete.

The model I have uploaded previously represents an 8" thick concrete wall that will be existing when I get to the jobsite. I then need to build a one sided form offset 4" from the existing wall to install my rammed earth veneer. I am trying to mock up the existing wall, the formwork system and the completed wall.

At the risk of too many images, I am uploading a series of images that show a previous project I did.
Feature Wall (1.6 MB)

this would be the existing concrete wall. I now want to mockup my one-sided formwork and to the inside of this wall.

hopefully this makes some sense.

this is what Im trying to accomplish, but across the radii as well

Please correct your forum profile. It still shows you are using SketchUp 2017 Make.

I would make a copy of the wall groups and explode them so they form a single, continuous curve (welding the curves would be a good idea, too) so you can run Offset on that single curve instead of handling each of those groups.

awesome, that sounds like something i can figure out. thanks so much Dave!

updated my profile as well. I literally just purchased the pro version today.

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Further on the method I suggested. Since you have give the groups tags, I would select them and copy them to the clipboard. Then, while they are still selected, change the tag to Untagged. Then, before you lose the stuff on the clipboard, use Edit>Paste in place to paste the copies of the groups back where they were. Turn off the visibility for the tags, select the original, now untagged groups, and explode them. Paint the faces with the default material and use an extension like CleanUp 3 to delete the edges dividing the faces into short sections. Weld the edges and then you can run Offset, connect the ends and erase the unneeded edges. Group as desired and when ready turn on the tags you turned off.

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Wow! You didn’t earn the title of Sage by only knowing the push/pull tool hey?

Thanks so much, you have absolutely made my night!

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