Noob(ish) - how to draw an "exclusion zone" around a selection of dwellings

I’d like to draw an area around an irregular group of houses that provides a 50 metre zone. I’m able to use the offset function but that does not give me a radius of 50m from the corners of the end houses. If it were a rectangle (it’s not - it’s actually a more complicated irregular shape) then I would expect to see rounded corners when doing this rather than just offsetting the rectangle. Hope that makes sense!

First make the shape offset 50m from the houses (and it should become a closed Face)

Then use the Arc tool on each corner, to round off the corner. When making an arc (curve) make sure that it changes Pink, meaning you have touched the Tangent Point of the corner. This operation should also delete the excess triangle area (not always…it depends on the angle).
after you make an arc across the tangent of thecorner, you can selecet the arc (curve) and type “50” to make the radius = 50m.

If you have a lot of corners you can make one of the arcs across a corner, then double click on the other corners and if you are lucky the arc will automagitically be created (with a 50m radius).

Another method… (not as easy) is to make circles with a 50m radius, and place the centre point of the circles at each corner of your shape. Then join them together manually using edges and trim the excess. This may not be as accurate as the first method.

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