Offset with connected edges. Is it possible to create quads with Offset tool?

Hello SUC!

I’m trying to figure out a way to “connect all corner” while using the offset tool. Most 3D programs use this as it “subdivides” your offset results and allows for further manipulation. As it stands, when I offset a face, I get an island in the middle with no edges or corners connected to the outer, original face. I then have to manually connect my edges using the line line tool.
Does anyone know of an extension that can automate this step?

This is what I would like to achieve automatically, without having to manually draw the inner lines:

Thank you everyone!
Contains three tools - to split a selected ‘sausage’, a ‘donut’ or a ‘face’…

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Although there are subdivision tools that will do what you asked for, you may not need what you asked for! Other tools may be doing that because they work in triangles, which SketchUp doesn’t. A reason you might want those lines is so that you can then raise the center area, and those lines will do the connecting to the raised part. SketchUp has autofold, where you can drag the inner area upwards, and the corner lines get generated at that time.

So, if that is your end goal you can do it without the corner lines and without using subdivision tools.

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No way! This is exactly what I was looking for, only 3 options yet it is more than what I needed! Thank you so much and this will save TONS of work.

This is what I’m working on with the ARTISAN plugin I purchased, so you can imagine how important your help is:

It is a 15tn century home with massive details. Thanks again!

Thank you Colin for your input. I’ve actually done that before but it sometimes doesn’t work as expected. I noticed that simple shapes are easily handled with this method, but more complex, irregular shapes get broken:

The splitTOOLS that SketchUp Sage suggested worked like magic, but your idea or workaround is also very useful.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the extra comments. Not that it would affect autofold, but watch out for faces being the wrong way. Your later image looks like the faces are reversed.

I would use FollowMe for that kind of shapes. The Autofold method is not always quite predictable.

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