Please Help! I'm lost in space

I Tried using zoom extents. Because I am on the free version I don’t have access to Outliner I can’t select the layers. I’ve been zooming unzooming scrolling for hours I just want to get back to my model!!

Share your model with us. Someone may be able to help you.

Do you see the axes ? Do you see the axes origin ?

Do you have hidden objects or hidden geometry ?

Try drawing a rectangle and pull it up. This will put a geometry in the model in the shape of a parallelepiped that can be seen from any orientation. Make it big enough like 50 feet x 50 feet x 50 feet or so. Or 15 meters x 15 meters by 15 meters or so.

Try Zoom extend to see if the object you just drew is still the main part of the model. If not, this means that there is a very small object or an object very far from the origin. If this is the case, invert the selection. In short, Select all then Add/Subtract to the selection by selecting the newly drawn object. This shall deselect it and then keep any other geometry as selected. Try Zoom on selected. I am not sure if this is present in the Web based version of SU. You may also delete the newly drawn object and then try Zoom Extend again, but this may not work better than actually.

If you can, post your file here. Someone will probably be able to open it in a Pro version to see if something is recuperable.

If Tagged, you don’t need outliner, per se.
Select all tagged in the Tag panel, then search for ‘Zoom selected’ in the search box.

:thinking: How are you doing that?

I guess it is not implemented in the web app.
Usually, they get to have new things, first😀

In this case it is for SU 2022 Pro (desktop) only… :wink: :beers:

Rightclick on ‘nothing’ and then invert the selection might help, if there isn’t something a long way from home. (I guess that is the same as Cmd A)
Then ‘zoom selected’…

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