Please help, can't open my file and its urgent

can anyone please fix this

@colin please help

It’s 8:00 pm Saturday on a holiday weekend… not sure when Colin will be on. Just fyi.

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sir can you help me in any way? i really need this file on urgent basis… and my back up file is not working either

Can you fix your profile.

You wrote that your Operating System is 2023.

It must be either Windows or Mac OS and, please, specify which version (Windows 10 or 11 or whatever or Mac Os 11, 12 or 13 or whatever.

Please help us help you.

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When you saved that file, it must have taken a long time.

You must be very patient when loading it back.

Or do you get an error messaged?

If so, what is the message?

windows 11 sir

while working the file got crashed, and i had saved the file just a min before crashing
but now its not opening and it shows a bug splat screen

Try uploading your model to the 3D warehouse from the web, then open sketchup and try to download it from there.

If you manage to open it, go model info and purge your model and correct the errors it may have, your file size can be reduced drastically after doing that, sometimes we have a lot of components mostly downloaded from the warehouse and materials that are not being used but they are still unnecessarily kept on the file. Some of this models are very detailed with a lot of geometry, which isn’t necessary if they’re not the main element of the model, I downloaded once a couch with millions of polygons, the model became laggy immediately and crashed, I deleted but the program still was crashing, I purged it and the problem was solved.

3d warehouse won’t take a 320mb file.

I didn’t know that, I’ve never uploaded a large model, mostly assets for architecture.

Really I thought Colin and Dave were an AI, they’re always around. Just kidding.

From the help files

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Capture d’écran 2023-04-09 à 14.07.05

Yeah, this is a Colin level of problem. and it’s sunday morning now for him, maybe he’ll come around.

(this is french for invalid file)

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I tried opening your file but got a message stating the the file is invalid.

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I think there is a data corruption error in your file. Normally a SketchUp 2023 file is a specialized zip archive and I can look at its directory of contents. That doesn’t work with this file. I get an error message

  End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not
  a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the
  latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
  the last disk(s) of this archive.

I do see that the file was saved with SketchUp 2023.0. There was a maintenance update to 2023.0.1 that you might install to see if that helps, but I suspect it won’t.

We’ll have to wait until Colin next visits, though he may have to pass this on to a developer for analysis due to its broken zip format and depending on the nature of the damage it may not be salvageable.

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I once had a file that became corrupted and neither Colin nor the SketchUp support team could save. It was a big and absolutely mission critical project file, but thankfully I “Save As…” as I work and leave a trail of past versions. I was able to regress to the last such file and redo the lost work done since then. Not ideal, but kind of like a rock climber leaving chocks so when you fall, you only fall so far. Also, I’m on Mac not Windows, but Apple’s Time Machine can let you go back in time to a previous state of a file.


Probably a little late for this project but going forward you might consider saving to your local, internal drive as well as publishing the file to your Trimble Connect cloud storage. You’d be able to have a hstory of back versions to fall back on in case of problems.


For anyone curious, half of the file was filled with zeros, I couldn’t recover anything.


Thankyou everyone for trying to help :pray: