File wont open

Hi all,

Seems as though my file will no longer open and is corrupt. I’ve tried to trouble shoot it myself but can’t seem to solve the issue. Would greatly appreciate if anyone is able to assist.


Maybe @colin can recover at least the components in the file. Were you working on the file while it was saved to the cloud?

Unfortunately i don’t use cloud.

Actually that’s not unfortunate. Working on files saved only to the cloud is a common way to wind up with corrupted files. If there’s even a microsecond interruption in the connection during a save, vital info can be lost.

Hopefully @colin will be along to work his magic. Most often he is able to recover the components in the file. Usually groups and things like the placement of objects will be lost, however.

You will need to provide access to the file. Currently you have it locked up so no one can access it.

Whoops apologies for that, i’ve unlocked it now.

Looks like Colin will have to work his magic on it. It won’t open for me either.

By its size I’m going to guess it could stand do with a bit of cleanup.

Alas, it doesn’t involve magic, and I do have a range of successes. On average, I can do what Dave says, and at least get the components from the model.

There are times when I do recover the whole file. Unfortunately, your file is at the other end of the scale, and I couldn’t recover anything from it.

I happen to currently be working with someone who knows a lot about these issues, and I will see if he can make any sense of the file.

Thanks DaveR and Colin i appreciate you checking in on this. I thought that may be the case!

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