Pleas help: Follow Me tool issue

Hi there,

I’ve a problem with the follow me tool. I want to form a disc along a path but it doesn’t work.
The disc should have the conical form of the path.

Whats wrong with it?

Thanks and best regards


Draw half the profile on a z plane and do this :

(you can delete the disc face prior to using the follow me tool, instead of having to recreate it like I did)

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The disc is your path and the conical form is your profile. You have them mixed up.

I don’t understand the text around your images. As usual, it would have been more helpful to attach a skp file showing the problem.

Part of my confusion (or yours) may arise from terminology. Usually when talking about follow-me, the shape to be extruded is called the “profile” and the line along which you want to extrude it is called the “path”. To use follow-me you first select the path, then activate the follow-me Tool, and finally select the profile. If you did it in the opposite order, yes the results will be weird.

Although it doesn’t hurt to use a half-section for the profile, as @paul.millet did, that isn’t essential. It should also work fine with the full shape. Also, the path (disc) doesn’t need to touch the profile. It can be above it in the z-direction and it will still work fine.


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As a matter of fact, it doesn’t need to be aligned in any axis or near the object following that path. The face will start at its own reference point and follow the path AS IF it were in the same model space. I do this with cable bundles inside conduit a lot. I make a path (lines and arcs) about the center line of the run, move it away, then draw the circles for the conduit and cables on an electrical box. One by one, I have each face follow that centerline path, and everything comes out nice. This also makes for a cool cutaway view of the conduit/cabling, using staggered x-sections.