Plan and Elevation works, 3d does not work

Model quit working properly: plan and elevation scenes work, 3d scenes can only see dimensions. Other models work fine.


What version of SketchUp are you using here?

If this problem is best represented by a single .skp file, then it would be really helpful to see that file uploaded.

SketchUp Pro 18 Version 18.0.16976

.skp file is 11.8 mb even after deleting most of my drawing. don’t know why file is so large?? Screen shot 1 shows plan view which is one of 5 or s plan views, screen shot 2 shows a 3d view - should show several groups of 3d parts. ??? thanks

I don’t know why but I saw a fix for clipping issues - changing the camera view to 35 degrees. and getting rid of out of area objects. Did both of these things and it corrected itself. Until it did it again and had to do this all over again???

Sounds like you have some stray geometry a long way from the origin which is making it zoom out so you can’t see the model, but the text is visible because it scales somewhat with the zoom.
If you have deleted things but not ‘Purged’ them they will bloat the file size.
You can go Window/Model info/Statistics and Hit the Purge Unused button.
That will probably make it small enough to upload here. If it is still larger than 3mb you should either upload to 3dwarehouse or dropbox and add the link here.