Placing components next to other components automarically

Does anyone know if there is a way to place a component directly adjacent to another component (eg when placing a run of cabinets which have the same height and depth)? So it would work a bit like the ‘paste in place’ command except the new imported component is placed directly next to another selected component?

If you bring in the components from the Cmponents panel you will have hold of them by their origin. If you place the origin in a logical place you can drop one right next to the previous one. I do this sort of thing for kitchen cabinets as well as hardware like door and drawer pulls so I can quickly place them where I need them.

Thanks for the reply, I understand what you are saying and I do work like this already which is effective, however there is a specific reason I would like the option to place the cabinets in the way that I describe in my first post. One reason is to avoid having to rotate them if the existing run of cabinets is on the wrong axis (or do you know a way to avoid that using some specific snap or glue option?). But I also want it as a specific feature for a plugin I want to make so that’s why I’m asking.

You could give the components gluing properties so they will align with the neighboring one. I don’t think you need to invent a plugin to do this.

OK thanks, I’m not sure how to do that, are you able to advise (I’m on the train at the moment using my phone for this so can’t test myself), thanks

I’ll try to make a sample for a screenshot.

Great, thanks!

So when you create the component, click on Glue to: and set it to Vertical.

Then click on Set Component Axes and position them as needed. Click to set the origin (insertion point) then the red direction followed by the green.

After you’ve set the green the Create Component panel will appear again. Give the component a suitable name and description.

Here’s an example where I’ve turned the first cabinet 60° off the red axis to show inserting the reulting cabinet.

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Awesome, thanks for that. It’s going to help my daily work flow a lot and is very beneficial for me.

However I still want to find a way to place cabinets using the ‘paste in place’ method (or paste next to selected cabinet). There is a specific reason for this as its a part of a more complex plug in. So if anyone can advise I would appreciate it.

Thanks again for your help so far Dave.

Paste in place would paste the componnt in the exact same location so probably not what you want. Maybe you should ask your question in the Ruby API forum an see what the Ruby gurus have to say.

OK, I’ll do that. Cheers!

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