Align to component axis paralell

I want to nest component A in component B so that the axis of component A automatically align with the axis of component B.

As far as I remember I was able to do this in the past. But since yesterday I can’t make it work.

When I copy/move A intot B the orientation of A stays the same and doesn’t align with the axis of B.

What do I do wrong?

If you set up the component axes correctly, you can easily place one component inside the other after dragging it in from the Components window.

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Hi Dave,

As alwayse, thank’s a lot for your answer!

I guess I have not formulated my question right. To nest one component inside another isn’t my problem.

My problem is that when I nest one component inside the other, the axis of my component doesn’t automatically align with the axis of the “mother component”. But this is what should happen … or not?

I am not so sure anymore.

I want to nest the screw in component 4 which is then the mother component and I’d expect the axis of the screw to align with the axis of component 4 once I nest it.

So based on the picture, the screw should get rotated 90°.

Edit: Some time playing I have figured I am wrong and SU isn’t behaving the way I was thinking it would.

If you want the screw to align to the component’s axes, you need to have the component open for editing.

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Ahhh I see! Great thanks

When I make a component or group and change it’s axes and then copy/cut paste it into another component/group it won’t align with the axis BUT when I drag and drop a component from the component window into another component/group or model it does align with the axis.

Which is what I wrote and demonstrated in my first reply.

Yes you totally did! I see that in inside.

When I read your post I thought you missunderstood me and think I just want to drag one component into another. I didn’t give great significance to the fact that you drag a component from the component window. I thought this is just another way to select a component/group.

It’s a very useful thing. If you inadvertently delete a component from the model space you can easily replace it with another instance from the Components window. Right now I’m working on the seat for an Adirondack chair. The seat slat components follow a curve but I need to edit them as if they are laid out flat to angle the ends and add rabbets so they’ll fit in the curved channel. Instead of moving the ones on the curve and laying them out flat, I just dragged out copies of them. Due to their component axis orientation and origin locations, it was a very quick thing to lay them out with the required spacing. When I am finished with the extra set of them, I can just delete them.

It would be appropriate to change the post you have ticked as the Solution.

I have seen another thread today where you show how to replace components with other components from the component window .

That’s indeed very useful e.g. to replace dozens of “proxy components” for screws with “real screw components” later once it’s determined which screws to actually take.

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That’s another handy thing especially for things like furniture hardware. Easy to replace screws or door pulls or… Not just for furniture, though.

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