PlaceMaker v2 with Nearmap Super High Resolution Aerials

There’s a been a lot of discussion about the geo-location imagery quality in SU. For PlaceMaker v2 (just released), we have integrated direct access to Nearmap’s super high resolution imagery (USA only). The quality is amazing! (better than Google)

You can find out more about PlaceMaker v2 and Nearmap here.

So, what are your thoughts on Nearmap and this integration? What other integrations like this would you like to see?


Looks great, of course, but the question will be cost. Looking forward to your explanation of that.

Having just been on a jury for graduate school architecture students, I have to wonder if there’s academic pricing as well. Typically, a regular design studio class has up to a dozen students using the same site and program to design to, while students in final thesis studio all have their own site and program to work on. Analyzing and presenting the site and surrounding context is important for the students in both cases.

Ok, answered my own question and found it here.

Hi RTCool,

Yes, as you have discovered, we do have academic pricing for PlaceMaker. Thanks for posting the link!

The Nearmap imagery is an in-app purchase. We have a credit system that allows you to purchase license rights to a certain amount of Nearmap imagery data which can be used during the term of your subscription.

Right now, $89 will get you 250 Nearmap tiles. Each tile is 1280x1280 and we tell you how many tiles you need to cover a given ground surface before you decide to purchase.

Besides the incredible resolution and clarity, another huge advantage of using the NM imagery is that it is current. NM updates the imagery multiple times per year for major cities. With PlaceMaker, you can also access Nearmap’s historical imagery which often includes leaf-on and leaf-off options.

1280x1280 whats? (units of measure)

Oh, that’s nice.


Yes, 1280x1280 px. The physical area that a tile covers depends mainly on the selected imagery ‘zoom’ level. For your primary area of interest (project location) you might want to use the ‘max’ level, but even the ‘medium’ zoom level for the Nearmap imagery is still very good quality and you won’t need to use nearly as many tiles.


I think is a great product but how many times a year I would use it…maybe 2-3 times just because I paid
I would have a different system $200 a year is a way too expensive in my opinion plus HR images…
I would go free and you pay credits as you have right now or on demand…so people like me where I don’t the necessity of using it I would consider paying an on-demand instead of $200 a year as a base.

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Thanks for the input flino! We do have discounts available from time to time (actually there is one on right now).

I understand how the price might be bit high for more casual users. Most of our customers have been larger architecture firms with larger budgets.

Captured two weeks ago and already available through PlaceMaker! (Monroe, LA)

This is not even max zoom


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