Placemaker vs. Sketchup

I use both SketchUp & Placemaker in my model for geolocation.
Now, I have two days to decide whether to upgrade Placemaker at a discount of $99, but since SketchUp has upgraded its native geolocation, I wonder if it is worth it.
However, when I started to test the process to use geolocation for my site, it said I have to purchase a minimum of 200 tiles in SU. Is this true? This would get to be very expensive. 4 tiles seems to be $1.00, so 200…well, too much for me.
Does this have to do with my using a large area in a dense urban city (NYC)? It seems if I increase the number of tiles by zooming in, it just gets more expensive.

It’s 4 cents per tile, and there is a minimum purchase of 200 tiles. Not sure what led to that figure, but it’s a Nearmap requirement.

Can you describe an example area of NYC that you might want to grab? If it’s the parts near both sides of the East River, you could use Digital Global to grab the whole area, then Nearmap to get a better view of the areas next to each bank of the river.

Whether you continue with Placemaker might depend more on whether you use all of their other features, and not just Nearmap.

I think the real question is whether or not you take advantage of the rest of Placemaker. As @colin said, NearMap purchases are $8.00… I do not remember how many tiles Placemaker comes with, or how much credits cost, but I believe that the prices are comparable. If you import streets, buildings, water, etc, then Placemaker is really a no brainer!

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Thanks. I renewed Placemaker for another year @ $99.

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I did too, the next day, or so I thought. I go to use Placemaker now, and it shows as expired. When I look at my confirmation email, I realize the expiration dates this year read the same as the email for renewal a year ago. Did you’re renewal take hold?

I have sent a support request through their system which probably goes to @Whaat?

Wow. I have the same problem. It says my Placemaker will expire in Feb 9, 2021. I submitted an inquiry through their site, which is not easy. Will update with their answer.

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