Better Geolocate Data


Is there a way to use/import/access better Geolocate data?
Possibly an upgraded paid source that is compatible?

I have a new project in a rural-ish region and the standard SKP geolocated data is terribly insufficient for the reality of the topography on the ground. We have a survey scheduled but need sometime to get started with while we wait for that.

Thank you!

If the area is covered by it, look at the Hi Res imagery. Otherwise you could look at Placemaker.

This one? (Apollo Mapping)? Does it include topographical models?

I haven’t used that service so I can’t give any guidance on it. Looks like they offer some terrain data that could be imported into SketchUp, though. I was referring to the Hi Res imagery available in the native Geo-Location. That’s those regions highlighted in blue.

Look at the link I provided, though. Placemaker was specifically designed with SketchUp in mind.

Keep in mind that with high res terrain data you get more geometry. You might find there’s too much and your computer would start to choke. Depends on how much and how able your hardware is.

Thanks Dave… We are out of the placemaker range so that is out but maybe I can learn how to import better data into SKP. thanks for the idea!