SketchUp 2017 Add Location work around?



Has anyone found a workaround for add location and getting terrain prior to SU 2017?
I found google, jpg, then resize, but no terrain.

& will it work on SU2017? thanks


Check this plugin: PlaceMaker . Not only for terrain but also road & buildings data etc…


Don’t think PlaceMaker works with Sketchup 2014?


From the FAQ page


PlaceMaker does not have its own terrain import option. It can import a flat snapshot and locate your model but does not bring in a terrain surface with the snapshot.


Yeah, my bad. It implements SketchUp’s terrain feature.
I presumed OP’s question was about imagery and recent complaints about it.

Are you using SketchUp Make?
Check this topic for more info: Upcoming Change to Add Location


Got it handled thanks, Billy


Consider sharing how you handled might help others as well.


I purchased SU2017 Placemaker would be $200 after free trial.


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