What's the current best practice for adding geolocation to a SketchUp model?

I haven’t needed geolocation since it dropped off the pull-down menu, but I’m anticipating it may come in handy on a couple upcoming projects. Is there a good way to access that same sort of imagery / topography? On a Mac.

It’s still available in SketchUp 2017 and 2018 Pro. Location imagery and terrain is not available for SketchUp Make or earlier versions of Pro. Which version are you using? Your profile hasn’t been completed.

The best option now is to use Placemaker 2 which gives you access to high res imagery.

Thanks DaveR.
I saw Placemaker 2 in the SketchUpdate yesterday, which prompted my question. I’ll check it out!
Profile Updated.

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GEMaker + free Google Earth Pro (adhere to license agreement)
Oob Terrain
Terrain Tools for Twilight Render

Many thanks.

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