Extension warehouse - townships

Greetings, Is there an extension for developing landscape of townships that is compatible in Sketchup? And to search for from the extension warehouse? The location of the map will be in Europe for developing the landscape and buildings. The other extension options like Placemaker and CAD mapper doesn’t work as good due to the unclear view in the outlines of terrain and landmarks. Thanks Jeff

Are you just looking to generate the contour lines of the ground plane? Have you tried the native geolocation function within SketchUp Pro? There are two levels of detail available. Or are you looking for automatic generation of building and road data? I believe Peacemaker is leading service for multi layer automatic location generation, I have used it some with decent results but mostly in urban areas. What is the unclear view of terrain?

Thanks for the help ! I’m developing a model in Sketchup which will cover 1 or 2 square blocks ( in a city downtown region). With the various landscape extension options I’ve used, they are supposed to integrate into Sketchup such as Placemaker and Google Earth. Google earth will work fine, but not sure of the their copyright restrictions. But with placemaker have ran into issues with landmarks and terrain–natural vegetation becoming blurred and unclear, not refined. So the model I’m developing in sketchup will need to be imported into a landscape or vise versa where the landscape will have to be imported into sketchup to merge with my model. The model will be only a portion (1 or 2 square blocks, something like a “Plaza”) that should merge with the general imported landscape

The ground plane I’m assuming is at street level view like in google earth when the objects are up close, which is very clear. The contour lines I’m assuming is from overhead or areal view, which I don’t need.

Which version of SketchUp Pro are you using? The geolocation data has not come from Google for a few years now. You can import 2d and 3D data from most of the world with this function in two distinct qualities.


Have you tried Nearmap with Placemaker? Here is a video you might find interesting.

Its the latest version of Sketchup Pro 2021. I am aware of the fact that Sketchup used to be part of Google Earth years ago, then Google earth sold off Sketchup ( I think to Trimble–but not to clear how they separated) . Thanks, I found Geo-location feature in sketchup, “File” > “Geo-location” > “Add location”, and then after typing in the search bar the city and country, it provides either “digital globe” or “near map”. But “Near map” doesn’t have coverage in the area. Can I extrude buildings and landmarks in the Geo-location map after it has imported?

No, there is no architectural information in the current maps offerings. That would be something placemaker does, but mostly in cities. You can trace the footprints of buildings in the images and extrude them yourself if you want. Thats correct about the two offerings, digiglobe is included, near map is pay by download but higher resolution 3d data and images.

Yes, thanks. But “Nearmap” doesn’t have coverage for the area because its in Europe (areas outside the U.S. won’t work with nearmap). Trying to find a landscape that is compatible with Sketchup and might extrude buildings and natural vegetation. If its compatible then 3 D buildings should import from either 3 D warehouse or photomatch.
I think Geo-location under “file” > “geo-location” > “add location” might work, just need to find out if it can show natural vegetation such as trees or lawn areas and building outlines

Yes, I couldn’t think of the correct terminology, which is “Footprints”, thanks. So can I use the footprints in the flat version of the map once imported and just import 3 D buildings and landmarks and patches of land vegetations, trees etc onto each footprint and create the city block or parcel?

The images of the traces of buildings that you mentioned where they could be extruded by me manually–and can this be done in Geo-location from the “file”> “geolocation” > “add location” channel? And can I import additional items from 3 D warehouse and use photo match as well on the imported geo-located landscape?