Geolocation Mac

Hi, I cannot add a geolocation. When I go to file/geolocation/add location, I get nothing but a white window. I was looking up the topic and I already deleted the cache and the cookies from safari, but nothing changed so far. Has anybody an idea about the problem? Thank you


Geolocation is supported on the last 3 versions of SU. 21, 22 and 23.

if your profile is right, and you’re running 17, then no, you won’t have access to it. not since… 2020 ? 21 maybe ?

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You can still manually geo-locate in Make 17 but can’t import imagery.

ok, thank you, I will check this.

Yes, I already managed this, thanks. But the direct connection to maps is much more comfortable and I also need the pics.

As a SketchUp Make user you wouldn’t have had access to the imagery or terrain even when the Geo-Location service was available for that version. They only offered a map view. You will need SketchUp Pro to get the imagery and terrain.

I presume since you are using SketchUp Make it is as a hobby thing. You might be able to find aerial imagery from your local GIS agency from which you can make a screenshot to import into SketchUp as an image.

Check this out.

The first video shows getting imagery from Google Earth. It would be a good idea to read Google Earth’s Terms of Service.