Nearmap aerial imagery is now available in SketchUp’s Add Location!

Oh, we’ve got some great news, folks! Fresher, clearer aerial imagery is now at your fingertips - right where you work. We partnered with Nearmap to make it easier for you to access high-resolution aerial imagery directly in SketchUp. Bonus? Imagery is never older than 12 months.

To use Nearmap tiles, just follow these simple steps:

  1. If you don’t have the latest version, Upgrade to SketchUp version 2020.1.
  2. Click on File > Geo-Location > Add Location. We’ve added coverage polygons to show where high res imagery is available. Psst: make sure High Res Coverage is on under ‘Map Type’, and then zoom in to a region that has High Res coverage.
  3. Next, click ‘Select Region’ and choose Nearmap as your provider. Now you can adjust the import level to choose your resolution. Once you’ve selected your region and import level, you will see the cost of those tiles via the menu.

Note: you won’t be able to preview Nearmap tiles in the map view, but you will notice a slight white overlay that changes to represent the tiles at your selected import level. This also shows which tile can be previewed.

Before you commit to purchasing, you’ll be able to preview single imagery tiles by clicking the preview button. This is a “pay as you go” style product so you can purchase only what you need subject to a minimum of 200 tiles. Nice.

Currently, this imagery is available for all major cities and suburbs in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and coverage is always expanding. The imagery also works with SketchUp’s terrain service so you still get 2D and 3D sites (quality varies by region).

Use Nearmap imagery to bring real context to your projects. Lookin’ sharp, SketchUp!

Not for you? No worries. We will continue to offer basic imagery tiles and satellite imagery in Add Location.

Nearmap in Add Location is available for purchase on an as-needed basis when you have an active SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Studio subscription or a Classic License for SketchUp 2020. If you use SketchUp 2017 or SketchUp 2018 please visit our help center to read about changes happening later this year that will affect your ability to use Add Location in older versions of SketchUp.


Here are two screenshots of the Trimble office in Westminster, first is Digital Globe, second is Nearmap.


Aaron has posted this Skill Builder video:


Hi, this is nice, but what is the source now for the terrain? Is it high quality also? Would be great if the video touched on that. thanks

Our terrain data is unchanged. Quality depends on location. I’ll see if we can get a summary of what is available where published soon.

I have a 2020 pro classic license, is this feature available? I’m a little confused as I think since I have a classic license, that the interim updates are or are not available for free.

This in Bryce’s post indicates it would be available to users of 2020 with a CLassic license. Emphasis mine.

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Just found out and came here to confirm it, great addition guys ( if you can make the same with the topography I can gladly pay for high res topography)


and also it would be nice to have this for LiDAR info (remote worker here)

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You do need 2020.1+ but all minor updates are free to 2020 classic license holders. ~B )

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Arqcova, we hope to be able to offer more data types some day. It all depends on what is available from 3rd party providers. Can you provide more information on how LiDAR would fit into your workflows now?

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Does anyone have an idea of how much it costs to purchase near map imagery once selected?

About $0.04 per tile with a minimum of 200.

This looks great. Is it likely to be rolled out for Europe in due course?

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Can someone post an example that includes topography?

I will use LiDAR to have a conceptual 3D massing of a location, building, trees, parking, detentions ponds, etc. ( most of my work is renovations of stores for cannabis provisioning centers - only concept), most of the times I don’t have a survey to begin my work, so any information that I can grab or search helps me in getting a better understanding of a place, and yes every step of the process is remote.

the normal geo location grabs two images ( one flat and one with topography - normally is hidden in the tags/layers, so you need to check for that)

Wanted to see what one looked like before paying for one. I need to be able to show my sponsor an example of what is available/possible. :slight_smile:

This all depends on our provider. I think it’s a complex situation from a legal/privacy perspective. I’m told that they are working on it but I don’t have a timeframe.


I’m working on getting some sample files approved and uploaded to 3D Warehouse.