Nearmap aerial imagery is now available in SketchUp’s Add Location!

I don’t know about Aqcova but this would be good. Simply to get the contours into SketchUp directly. I import LIDAR from dwg now. A main issue is exact registration-- there has to be coordinate information and identification of height above sea level-- some sort of marker in plan along with it. Otherwise when we try to locate existing conditions accurately, or a proposed buiding site, we don’t know exactly how they relate to the contour plan. It’s possible to be fairly close, given contours themselves are only an approximation, but “eyeballing it” is not a good option for final work.

Well so far this has been a bust for me, paid and won’t import. Placemaker has a much smoother procedure and it works. Who do I even contact ?

Just checked the service and it gives me this error, any ideas? paid for 210 tiles

same for me

That would be me! But, you could also not contact me, several other people have already.

Bryce and others are working on solving the problem. As soon as it’s fixed, the existing purchases will suddenly import ok. I don’t know an estimate of when it will be fixed.

I will post an update here when there is news. You can use the contact form too, if you want to make sure that I know about your case.

I haven’t been given an update, but I am seeing messages about progress. If you would be willing to, can you try the import again, right now, and also occasionally. Please let me know if it does start to work.

I really hope so.


Hello @colin do you have any news for this?

I haven’t been told anything new, but there’s no harm in trying the import. I do know of some changes that were done, that may have helped. If it still fails I don’t think anything will change for the rest of today. It’s 8:20pm for us.

Hey Everyone

We are still trying to sort this out. I’m hoping a change will be pushed out tonight which will fix things tomorrow. That said, we’re not yet sure if the fix will affect existing purchases.

As soon as I know more I’ll post an update. Thanks for everyone’s patience! I swear we tested this!


Unfortunately we’re still working on this issue this morning. I’ll update more in a bit.


Thank you to the team, please let us know any updates

My import finally worked. Thanks guys.

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We believe things are better now. Could someone who saw a problem try importing now? Please reply to say how it went.

Thanks Jim!

Other’s - please let us know if things are working or if you’re still seeing failures.

Finally worked on my end.

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Awesome!!! Thanks for confirming!

worked! thanks a lot! I was tracing the geometry in my cad software but now I can trace inside Sketchup with greater accuracy, thank you again!

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The data from Nearmap is orthorectified imagery right?

Yes it is!

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