SketchUp with new Nearmap option does it bring in terrain data?

I applaud the new feature to bring in Nearmap site images! Thank you for making this option available. Can anyone tell me if it also brings in the terrain map along with the flat image? If it does not, can you bring in the lower res terrain and then sample the Nearmap image onto it?

Yes. Terrain does come in, too.

That begs a question: is the terrain the same as when using the standard resolution images, or does it also have increased density?

I think the terrain data is the same. My understanding is that NearMap is only providing the higher res imagery.

That’t the impression I also had. Seeking confirmation.

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I’m not sure, but I did speak to a rep at Nearmap and he said that the terrain was “more accurate”.

Great to hear. Thanks!

It is possible that direct Nearmap subscribers can get better terrain data, I’m not sure. I know that the SketchUp Nearmap import is bringing in the same terrain data as it does for Digital Globe.

Direct subscribers pay around $2,000/ year. Not currently an option for me. I wonder if it work to sample the Nearmap image and paint it onto the Digital Globe terrain?

It is the same terrain, so wouldn’t gain you anything.