Geo Location - Two issues

Hello. I have a couple of questions Id like to ask about Geo Location;

  1. I notice that a bug still exists where one has to log out then back in again to use this function.
  2. Is there any noticeable benefit of the paid Provider over the free one? Anyone have an example?

Thank you

For most people the sign out and in again fixes the problem for good, but it does come up more than ideal. I haven’t checked lately, @Bryceosaurus may be able to say whether a better solution is being worked on.

Here’s a picture of the Westminster CO Trimble building, which is where SketchUp will be when we’re able to go back to an office. You will want to open this in a new window, and use the magnifier to see the real resolution. In case it isn’t clear, most of the image is Digital Globe, and part of the upper left is the Nearmap image laid on top.

When importing there are two sliders, one that goes to 18X, and another that goes to 21X. As you need to buy at least 200 tiles, you may as well take the lower slider up to 21X, and then select as little as you can that exceeds 200 tiles. Having the other slider at 18X will improve the terrain detail.

Nearmap imagery is going to be newer. At most it is 6 months old. Then you have the option to have much higher resolution as Colin’s image shows. DigitalGlobe imagery could be several years old and is only available up to a max resolution of about 45cm per pixel. The other difference is that DigitalGlobe imagery comes from satellites, Nearmap comes from planes. As a result the lean or tilt in tall buildings is less with Nearmap.

Terrain resolution varies by location and is not provided by nearmap or digital globe. Unfortunately we don’t have a way to display what is available where. The best way to maximize terrain resolution is to import smaller physical areas. Colin’s description isn’t quite right.

What I had in mind was that importing at 18X the central area, then using add imagery to get the surrounding area, would give you several sets of terrain detail. For example, a 3x3 import (one central, 8 surrounding), should have 3X terrain detail compared to a single import of the same area as a single import at 17X.

Where does it come from? I would definitely love if the terrain for my country (Finland) came from our national survey. The point cloud data is freely downloadable and it is much more accurate than what is there now or what was there when the imagery came from Google. The national survey is in the process of re-scanning the whole country at a resolution of, if I remember right, 3 points per square meter.

Its a mix of open source terrain data sets. It looks like our Finland data is either on point every 10m or 30m. Depending on where you are. Can you point me to your national survey? Depending on how it’s licensed and wether it excludes vegetation, we might be able to use it.

I understand the survey data is at about 2 m distances. Here is a link:
I understand that all the Nordic countries have a similar service (Sweden, Norway…) I once took a patch of the data but used Qgis to create contours out of it before importing into SketchUp. It is a field where I really am not at home with my trial and error methods. There is currently a commercial subscription service that serves the data as meshes and maps at