Nearmap geolocation

I would like to download a geolocated area, with the Nearmap hi res imagery, but having difficulty, perhaps someone has experience.

200 tile is probably 10x what I need, maybe even more. All I need is a small area. But, it wants me to buy a minimum of 200 tiles. But, when I zoom out far enough to see at least 200 tiles on screen, it tells me to zoom in to make selection! Lastly, the selection window doesn’t resize. Grabbing on the corners is non responsive.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.


By the way, I’d gladly pay a minimum of 200 tiles’ worth, but would still like to avoid downloading 10x more area than I need.

Crank up the quality and the area will get smaller. I agree it can be overkill.

There is a separate slider for the import zoom level. Take that up to 21X, and set the regular zoom value to be big enough to grab the area you need. That is likely to be 18X for smaller areas.

If you are just modeling a shed, and it can fit inside one of the 21X tiles, then you’re not getting the most out of the feature, but you do still get the area as imagery and terrain, for $8.

Here’s how 208 tiles should look. If you’re getting a more distant view, then the import level slider is not set to 21X.

I think I see that now, Colin. Need to tinker around a little.

Thank you!


Hey Bob

Sorry for the confusion, we have an issue filed to make the import slider more obvious when the 200 tile error is visible. Longer term we also hope to be able to offer a purchase option when customers don’t need 200 tiles.


Hi, Bryce

This video describes the issue I’m having.



apparently, this forum won’t accept a Dropbox file link?

As I look at this screen grab, Colin, I notice you’re able to select a rectangular area. I seem to be limited to a square area.

In the first image, I have outlined in red the area I would like to grab.

In the 2nd, I’m showing the hi-res zoom at 21x and it’s almost 18,000 tiles for $718. Interestingly, the hi-res zoom doesn’t change the area, just the number of tiles the area is broken up in to.

And then, is the final image…

I am not understanding this at all…

I was in the process of writing up a long reply, and as part of that wanted to test using the area you are looking at. Finding that place was an entertaining challenge! But I managed it, and now see what the issue is.

You’re trying to grab an area that is bigger than the biggest add location can do in one go. To get around that, import a large amount of digital globe, in the lower left of the area you want, then a smaller area in the upper right using Add More Imagery.

After that you could go back and get very high detailed Nearmap images, in small 200 tiles areas around the points of interest.

I made the first part of what I’m describing, in this ridgecrestcourt.skp file:

Aha! Too big a bite, eh? But, that sounds as if it will up the cost of the Nearmap data, zooming in with hi res tile map and grabbing the area. But I’ll test it out.

Another thought, is it possible to get elevation data? I understand that we get a contoured terrain map, but it is always placed centered at the origin, whether the geolocation is at sea level or the top of Everest. So, all we get is relative elevation info in the topography, but not actual elevation data. If I have a project with a civil plan, at say roughly 900’ above mean sea level, it’s hard to accurately tie the geolocation download with the civil plan. Just a thought.

Thank you, Colin!