Place an object at specific latitude & longitude

Greetings, I’m working inside a geolocated file to place several individual GIS shapefiles (imported into SketchUp using Jim Hamilton’s excellent spirix_shapefile_importer.rbz).

Each individual GIS shapefile is a different layer of information: one for tax parcels, another for buildings, another for roadways, etc.

I am able to bring in the individual GIS shapefiles at the correct size using the plugin - however, because of limitations of the plugin, the layers don’t come in at the correct location.

I have the latitude and longitude of specific points in each of the shapefiles, and would like to move each of the imported layers to the correct location in my file, but I don’t know what the command or syntax may be for doing that.

For example, if I draw a rectangle anywhere in SketchUp, I can easily move it to the origin by clicking on a corner and typing [0,0,0].

Is there a similar command (or plugin) that would allow me to move an object to a specific latitude and longitude?

Please let me know. Thank you!


By default the SketchUp file is not geo-located. SketchUp doesn’t use latitude and longitude in its coordinate system. You could start by geo-locating it with Add Location, setting the point you know at the origin. Then use Move to move the inserted objects to match.

hi Dave, thanks for your reply.

The file I’m working on is already geolocated (I’ve verified that this is correctly done). As you can see, latitude and longitude is already assigned:


What I would like to do is to move several layers (each containing many objects) to a specific latitude and longitude. Doing so using precise, specific values (rather than eyeballing) is preferred.

Thank you,


The only latitude and longitude value you have in this caseis the geo-located point. If you have a different lat/long for the the objects you want to move, figure out how far away from the geo-location coordinates the point is in whatever units you are using and enter those using the [x,y,z] values.

This is how I go about bringing in GIS or survey data, survey data will require a rotation also but as far as GIS, I geolocate SU, I have an extension I got from the Sketchucation site years ago called Latitude/Longitude of Point, with this I get the lat/long of the origin of my geolocated SU model. I then bring this into QGIS (free GIS program), along with any GIS (polygons, polylines, points) that I want to bring into SU, I edit the GIS items to tie it to SU’s origin. I then reproject the GIS items to WGS_1984_Web_Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere and export, then import into SU using spirix shapefile importer, scale by 39.3701, move to SU origin, done.