Placing an Object to a precise Geolocation

Good morning! I am working on a project at the moment where I have some very precise geolocation markers that I could use to correctly position my model into said location. They look like this:

I’ve gone through the steps to download and import the map data with the “add geolocation” feature. So I see the image of the terrain (Tag “Location Snapshot” and I could sort of rotate and position the model by “feel”.

Is there a way to find these exact coordinates that are printed on the provided plan in my Sketchup Model?

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Once the object (component) is placed correctly in the geolocated model, you can obtain the coordinates via this extension:

Not sure if it still works, though.

Hi Mike,

installed it, it works. Now I am basically failing at converting data from one coordinate system to another. So the coordinates that Sketchup uses are the same that google maps uses - meaning if I punch in the coordinates 12.926266E, 52.399050N that I get from the “Coords-Tag-from-Datum” in to google maps I get exactly to that spot. Nice and sweet. HOWEVER - The coordinates on the plan I got are written down in a system called the ETRS89 coordinate-system and I have failed to find a straight-forward way to convert ETRS89 3358917.060 5807410.969 into that Google/Sketchup coordinate-system in order to figure out where to place my objects in the model. I might ask the office that made the plans to convert it for me but I still kinda would like to close that knowledge gap of mine anyway… :slight_smile:

You are right, it is not very straightforward. Countries have their own implementations of the ETRS89 system to minimize the local errors. Try your national survey, they might have a conversion routine available.