GPS coordinates of an object

I’m working on laying out some utility poles on a site map. I have already added my site via File>Geolocation>Add imagery. I have modeled various different types of utility poles and I would like to add them to my site plan using their exact GPS locations. Can someone help me figure out how to place an object at a specific GPS location on my sire plan?


It’s old and I don’t know whether it still works, but you might take a look at this extension.

Thanks for the quick response. That seems to work after messing with the settings a bit. So what I’m doing then is adding a coordinate tag and I’ll set my poles on top of them? It might take me a while to get all of these entered but that extension did work. I was hoping there was a field in sketchup where I could enter the coordinates and the center of the object would get placed there, or the ability to have the tag reference the center of the pole and then I could just move it to the correct location, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. Thanks again

Certainly not built-in, and I couldn’t find any other extensions on a quick search. Seems like it could be done - after all, TIG’s extension demonstrates that it is possible to place a model element at coordinates - but it seems that nobody has done so.

Thanks again. It makes me wonder if sketchup is the best software for what I am trying to accomplish. This definately works, although its probably going to take me many hours to locate the hundred or so poles I’m trying to get into my plan. not to mention once I start adding buildings.

Thanks for your help!

Just looking at the plug-in description on SketchUcation, I see it can import a csv file.

Would it at least place a cpoint at each coordinate? Or could you or someone else (not me) modify the code to automate the placing of a component there?