Place 3d-warehouse imp.; where it goes?



wood screw tip - on end of tape-measure.AutoSave_pract-1.skp (398.0 KB)


C’mon @gripwin,

You are still posting incoherent queries. You need to make your questions and comments understandable, otherwise, you are making it far too difficult for others to come to your aid. You have demonstrated that you have a better than average command of the English language, so please make fair use of that capability. It is unfair of you to expect Forum users to interpret what you are looking for and to then provide a reasonable solution. This poses a significant waste of other users’ productive time, and this issue has been brought to the attention of the site administrators on more than one occasion.

You have previously received a PM stating essentially the same things that you are being told here. As the moderator of this Forum, I am strongly urging you to exercise greater consideration when posting an issue. Your continued participation is definitely desired…but, if you continue to post in this manner, steps will be taken to either censor your posts or to delete your user ID.

I also ask you to take the time to review the Forum User Guidelines that were sent to you a few days ago by PM. For your convenience, they are attached again…just click the bold text on the line above this.

Consider whether another user will be able to comprehend what you discuss based on your phraseology and feel free to edit your posts to make them easy to understand.


Much of my seemingly ‘curt’ inquiries are due to my LACK OF KNOWLEDGE on the issue; [that’s why I’m posting]…

How should I deal, with this?



Write clear questions in full sentences. Include SKP files and images to help clarify your questions. Don’t make those who are trying to help you decipher your garbage. There are a lot of people here on the forum who are happy to help you but you seem to do everything you can to make it difficult if not impossible to do that.

When you go to your doctor do you just grunt a couple of unintelligble syllables and then sit there while he tries to figure out what it is you want?

No one here gets paid to help you. The least you could do is make it as easy as possible for us to help.


I’ll try to do that …


Your understanding is appreciated and I am certain that improvement in communications will greatly enhance the benefit you derive from Forum participation.


Before you post, can I suggest that you write out what you want to ask about.
Imagine yourself saying it to someone else.
Will they under stand you ?

Is what you have said clear and concise ?
Is there ambiguity in what you have said ?
Have you correctly spelled the words ?
Is supporting info - like SKPs or Images - going to help others understand ?

Is English your first language ?
If not, then look at Google-Translate…
Write in your native language and translate it into English, then translate it backwards from the English version into your own language - if it doesn’t say what you hoped try phrasing it another way…

An example of confusion is this thread…
It’s title is Place 3d-warehouse imp.; where it goes?
Note that I edited -wherehouse to -warehouse [it could have been worse !]
This makes no sense.
If you meant: Where in 3d-warehouse do I put this?
Say that.
What is imp. ?

Then your first post wood screw tip - on end of tape-measure
This bears no relationship to the title.
Only you know what it means !
The rest of us must guess.

It’s easy to communicate effectively - if you try.
At the moment, almost all of your posts have weird titles and opening posts, which often seem to be unrelated.
If you really want help, then explain yourself properly.
It’s NOT your lack of SketchUp expertise - it’s your poor communication skills.

You risk alienating those here who would help you if you at least helped them !


Compare the following two equivalent (made-up) posts:

  1. No snap, how fix?

  2. I am unable to get the line tool to snap to a particular vertex in my model (see attached skp file with the problem vertex marked). Can someone please take a look and explain to me why it doesn’t work?

If you had to reply, to which of these could you form a useful response? When you post, keep in mind that someone else will have to read and understand what you wrote. Your cryptic topics may make sense to you, but they do not make sense to the rest of us because most of the meaning has been omitted.


Now looking at the title; it is rather baffling.

Is there a way I can access and edit/add to it?


You can always edit your posts after submitting them. Click the pencil (edit) icon to the left of the Reply button. If you don’t see the icon immediately, click first on the ellipses icon (the 3 dots ) to the left of the Reply button to expand the selection of available icons.


For the title, there should be a pencil at the end , click that.


I think an Imp is a monster in Final Fantasy but I’m not sure. Haven’t played it myself but my friend plays it all the time.


An Imp is also one type of demon (summonable by Warlock characters, and existing out in the wilds) in the World of Warcraft role-playing game. :slight_smile: My characters have been killed by a few of them!


A British car from the 1960s


I apologize for the ridiculously tacit lead-in line.

After reading it several times; it means IMPORT. [sorry all you Video-Game

I was searching for techniques on placing a 3d-warehouse downld. EXACTLY
where it belongs …


What do you mean by “where it belongs”?


pract-1.skp (412.2 KB)

By glancing at the above download file; you quickly see the wood-screw “correctly belongs” at the end of the Guides.

Properly selecting the TIP[of screw] - w/MOVE tool … is my current ‘road block’.


Change the insertion point of the screw by using the Change Axes option.
Change ax


Thank you … that is EXACTLY what I was hoping for.


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