Need to email SKP asap


Locker adapter (actual size).skp (1.6 MB)
Trying to email this file. SKP’s will not go through. Thought if I post it here I could download it on my phone and send it that way.


There are plenty of free file sharing services online.
Our forum isn’t one of ‘em.


why not use file sharing services as e.g. or cloud services as e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or MS OneDrive instead of the SketchUp Forum?


Already had an account here and had to do it quick. It worked. I’d like to remove my post if possible. For whatever reason, my skp file would not send from anywhere else.


did you try zipping the skp before emailing?

some mail services will reject skp’s, but are happy if they are zipped first…



Got it zipped but AOL never sent it. Managed to post it here, pull up my post on my phone, download it, then email from my phone within a minute’s time. Wouldn’t transfer to my phone via usb, either. Got it to the machinist last minute and it got drawn and thrown on the mill this morning.