HELP finding 3D Warehouse object! Please!



I’m new to this and forums in general so sorry in advance if this isn’t really the way to go about my situation but I figured it’s worth a try. Im a currently a student at FIT and just started learning SketchUp. Unfortunately one of my files have been misplaced and I’m currently in the process of re-doing my project. I noticed I cant seem to find a specific object I used in my previous file. Its a light wood ladder with a towel hanging off one of the steps and three rolled towels placed on the bottom step/shelf.
Was wondering If anyone knew the name of the model/object or how I could find it ?
I’ve attached a photo of the ladder.
Thank you!


Are you certain you got it from the 3D Warehouse?


Did you put the rolled up towels on the bottom or did they come on it?


Hey! They came with the ladder.


Yea I ran into the ladder while looking for another object so it was by chance which is why i can’t remember what it was called


@ag2 … Assuming this IS somewhere in the 3DWH, if this towel rack was inside of a bigger model (like a whole room or a house), and the Warehouser didn’t specifically mention or hashtag something else in that scene, chances are the only way you’ll find this again is again by chance, or unless the the Warehouser that created it trips over this thread.

There are also many models in the 3DWH with descriptions and hashtags that are not in English, so if you speak no other language, that’s yet one more hurdle.

And then, there’s even the possibility that the Warehouser who uploaded the model could have made it private, or even deleted it since you last saw it.

I wish you luck.


I asked about the towels because there was something similar without towels, but it really wasn’t that close a match. Anyway, I didn’t find it either. I searched with ladder and towel and serviette, but I couldn’t remember the Spanish for towel. Sorry.

It doesn’t help now, I know, but liking things makes it easier to find them again. When you’re downloading, click that heart outline next to the download bar and then they’re right there on your My 3D Warehouse page.


It would not be very difficult to recreate the ladder if you haven’t found it.


Hooray, someone noticed! We should all <3 this post!


Ok so what were you looking for when you found it?


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