New 3D Warehouse Search Engine Issues

I have been having issues finding things that I know are there or were there in the past, and I am unsure if I am not using the New 3D Warehouse search correctly, but it shouldn’t be this complicated.

I searched for Kraftmaid under products and catalogs and got nothing. Kraftmaid Cabinets are real products I can spec, and my clients can purchase them. So I search for Kraftmaid in Models, and I get a bunch of random people’s kitchen models with Kraftmaid cabinets in them, so I scroll down and finally find a cabinet with the manufacturer Kraftmaid as the model owner, and I can click the Kraftmaid logo, and it takes me to the Kraftmaid manufactures 3D warehouse page that I was trying to find in the first place. What am I not understanding?

There are also many models I find that the model isn’t there anymore when I get to the page.

The new 3D warehouse is frustrating and wasting much more time than it should.

The new 3D warehouse is acting like a Beta rollout, and I would love access to the old 3D warehouse until the new one is working.

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