3d Warehouse product to buy

I downloaded a dining set from the 3d warehouse and I ended up really liking it and want to find the product on the market. I was wondering if there would be a way to see where the component came from in my sketchup. I cannot find this dining set anywhere!

Well, unless the uploader does not share the info you need to find it in other way… for example: share the dining set link here and maybe someone will recognize it…

At least the people posting Products to the 3D Warehouse seem to have a contact button in their profile. Model authors usually don’t. Post a link to the set here - people in the community might help you identify the products in it.

I’m trying to find it in the warehouse again, but having trouble locating it. Is there a way for me to locate it once its already in my model?

Right click on it >>3D Warehouse>>View details

You can also right-click on the component in your model and select Save As from the context menu to save the component to a separate file, and post that here. Or take a screenshot of it from your model.

Searching for the image in Google Lens, it finds a legion of similar products. It seems to be sort of trendy at the moment.


I found the 3dwarehouse link now



And the official models of the company in the 3d warehouse to go with that info :slight_smile:

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