Hi all...treat me gently

Heya folks, I’m Toby based in West Cork, Ireland.
Long time Sketchup user but really dialling into it in the last couple of years.

Is there a question you wanted to ask?

You’ve been at this longer than me then. I made up my mind to be thick skinned, and I want good critiques when I post a skp file so I can learn. Most of the forum experts are patient and understanding. But they have to point out mistakes or make suggestions. You will repeat some mistakes. I frequently get wrapped up modeling something and forget to make a component or go to edit component. I try to clean up skp files before I post them on the forum. I might use the inspector or hide components to see if there are errant lines or geometry. But, I don’t get them all, and they will get pointed out. That’s good, though, and it might jog my memory the next time.

Thanks man

Yeah I did over in the Sketchup pro section…I’m deep in struggling with sub divisions for the first time.

Ok, so a gentle hint about the forum: it is really all one big space. The categories are just to let people view selectively if they choose to. Except for a few with restricted access they really don’t separate anything.

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Ahh ok…good to know.