Pi-Hole blocks trimble login page (FYI)

Just in case this is helpful to others, I have Pi-hole and it appears to block the content of the login page all of a sudden (no previous issue).

It appears to relate to these entries

I simply disabled Pi-Hole temporarily so that I could login successfully.

Pi-hole blocks depending on the user configured blocklists… thus what is blocked is typically system specific.

I’d guess that the google sign in system is still using some of those bits

When I eat a whole lot of pie, my system get’s blocked, too😅

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a fitting message on Pi-Day


Quite right, however I’m only using defaults and updates from gravity. I haven’t customised it during the past 12 months of use. It seemed to cause no problem previous to a month ago when I was last requested to authorise SU.

It’s not a new issue, I kept running into this for a couple of months already but never took the time to really look into it. I usually just either turned off WiFi on my phone or used the company laptop/VPN that isn’t affected by my personal PiHole setup.

However, today I had the time to fix it - and it is only one specific URL where PiHole’s block is breaking things: cdn.cookielaw.org. This seems to be a service for website owners to implement these infamous cookie consent prompts, and I have no issues with that. Allowing this URL resolved the issues on the Trimble page for me, on the phone as well as on my PC.