Photomatch Chair

Hi SU Pros…I spent over an hour trying to examine this shape using SU phomatch. It’s usually not any problem, but the first shape won’t push pull. I looked very very close and could not find a breach. Is there a way to easily find “misses” in a line? Thankyou for looking.

I appreciate your many times thankless help. Here is also the skp file. Rob Orizino

CHAIR MODEL.skp (619.3 KB)

If you orbit around the model, you will see that those lines are out of plane (you don’t have a surface to push/pull)

I had seen that Aaron…thought it was a breach in the line…please tewll me if there is a fix?

You should start at the origin and pay attention to the axes inferences while drawing.

on this one, you can also start with a rectangle from the top back to the front bottom…


As Cotty says, best to start drawing from the origin (axis point) but be sure that that point is in a “meaningful” place to begin with. You may be wise to re-enter the photomatch mode (clicking the little gear icon) and move the axis origin to the corner of the chair’s upholstered part, and either draw out a rectangle from there to get an aligned surface and then draw on it (knowing that a blue point shows that you are on that surface) or just draw lines from that point paying attention to the axes (red, green and blue). Otherwise as Aaron points out you may be drawing lines in random parts of 3D space.CHAIR MODEL2.skp (671.3 KB)

If nothing else, you get part of your model built. You could probably get this chair out of the 3D warehouse too?

Dear White Rabitt Design Company,

Thankyou for helping with that chair! It is absolutely perfect. As far
as inferences, it appears that you started along the green inference line
at the nearest point, which is at the vertical blue axis. Do you know if
there are any youtube videos showing me more about axis and axis selection?
You are VERY good at what you did, and I am most appreciative! a THOUSAND

Rob Orizino Action Signs NY

here is a photomatch tutorial with a chair.
If you search for photomatch tutorials there are many.
As for which axis to start with, it doesnt matter which as long as you start at the yellow axis origin and use whichever makes sense for that particular model. You can drag the axes to scale the model, but that can also be done at the end once the model is complete.

this is a good tutorial to show how you can use multiple instances of photo match.